Macro Mining is a fractionally owned, cryptocurrency cloud mining platform.

Macro Mining - a Revolution in Cloud Cryptocurrency Mining

The Future of Money


Macro Mining offers all investors a unique opportunity to invest fractionally into an industrial scale mining platform that utilizes some of the lowest cost power in the industry.

We offer a platform to track all order, logistics and ownership and profit distributions confirmations via our proprietary Blockchain Token Technology.

Positioned to be an instutional investor ready platform, Macro Mining allows the retail investor to participate in what would otherwise be an unavailable asset class. 

 Our platform will be launching by Fall 2019. We are currently taking reservations at:

How You’re Protected


Macro Mining utilizes its institutional partnerships and scale to provide you the highest levels of digital assets protection available in the industry. 

The physical assets themselves are housed in a bank level secured facility with oversight and management by industry leaders in the industrial scale mining operations. 

Why Us?


We are the only platform available that utilizes the blockchain as a reporting platform for all parts of the investment, order, logistics and profits distribution process. 

Additionally, our industrial partnerships offer our investor pool the lowest power prices in the market that get marginally lower as Macro Mining's capital pool grows. This way, all participants in Macro Mining capital pool benefit with the company's scale.


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Macro Mining

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